Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Addisyn's 3rd Laser Treatment

Addisyn the night before her 3rd laser treatment Addisyn right after...

Addisyn with her big brother on day 2(sorry I couldnt get it to rotate)

Addisyn day 3

Addisyn day 4

Addisyn had her 3rd laser treatment this past Friday! She is doing awesome...I think that her next treatment is going to be the last one for quite a while. Her Doctor as well as John and I thing that the results have been amazing and that we don't want to push it to much!
Like I usually do...I will be taking pics of Addisyn each day to show the progress of the fading...

Over the weekend Addisyn and I were out doing some Christmas shopping and a Man and his son came up to me asking me if Addisyn had a Port Wine Stain. Well first of all, I was totally shocked that he even knew what it was called...He went on to tell me the story about his daughter. She also has a Port Wine Stain. She is now in 1st grade and you can't even tell that she has the Port Wine Stain. I asked him if they did the laser treatment and he said yes....I told him that this was Addisyn's 3rd treatment and that we take her to UCSF...His eyes lit up as he told me that they took their daughter to UCSF as well and that his daughter had her treatment done by Dr. Frieden as well...Such a small world...He is the 3rd person to tell me that his child sees the same AMAZING doctor that we are so very fortunate to see...He went on to tell me that the laser doesnt really look that bad for that long...I think he thought with Addisyn's size that this may have been her first treatment but I explained that it was indeed her 3rd and that it is amazing how fast it goes away and the results are always awesome!
Well...The next treatment is scheduled for January..... We can't wait to see the results from this last session...


Small Update...I could not get most of the pics to rotate so I will do it later...

It has been a few weeks since I have posted any new pics of the kids....We have been super busy with many different things these last few weeks so I just haven't had the extra time to put into my blog!

Everyone is doing awesome! We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and are almost completely ready for Christmas....John and I spent this past weekend getting our home decorated for Christmas....John spent the weekend putting up the lights outside while I decorated on the inside and wrapped the presents...

Brysen and Addisyn are doing awesome as well...Addisyn just completed her 3rd Laser treatment, has 7 teeth and is getting stronger everyday..John can even get her to stand for a few seconds at a time! Major accomplishment! Brysen is so much fun and amazes John and I with how smart he is...Sometimes to is so in love with Brysen...It melts my heart to see how excited she gets everytime she just sees him...I can't wait for the day that she is able to actually play with him..

Well I have been a busy bee sewing like crazy and it is now almost 2am...I really need to get to bed...Busy day ahead....Hope everyone enjoys the pictures... Have a very Happy Thanksgiving....


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween....

Here are a few pics from our Pumpkin carving and the only pic I have of us from Halloween. I will have more Halloween pictures later...Enjoy!
Our Family! Addisyn's Pumpkin

Brysen's Pumpkin
Brysen and Mommy cleaning out the Pumpkins
Daddy and Brysen trying to figure out the designs...

Pumpkin Patch!

We decided to make our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch the day after Addisyn's Birthday Party! We had a really good time and enjoyed many activities...John actually had to take Brysen back later in the week to ride the horse and blast pumpkins because it was just to busy when we were there on Sunday! This was Addisyn's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch and she did great! Brysen and I spent a lot of time in the Petting Zoo...We also took two different Train Rides before picking out our pumpkins.. Here are a few pics from our fun day at the Pumpkin patch!


The Birthday Girl Brysen eating Frosting...

I Just love this Picture...

She actually dug into her cake! This was a very special moment...

Bright Eyed Baby Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Addisyn!!! It is hard to believe that you are already a year old! Where has the time gone? You have come a long way from where you first started and although you still have a very long way to go we are all so proud of where you are today! In your first year of life you have taught your family so many things! Here is just a small list of things Addisyn has accomplished or gone through in her first year of life....

1. Born 7 weeks early at 4 pounds 2 oz....Now 16 pounds 2 oz

2. Started having seizures and landed in the hospital a few times

3. Diagnosed with Sturge Weber Syndrome, Seizure disorder, Glaucoma and Developmental delays

4. You started Physical therapy plus you have a teacher that comes to play with you once a week.

5. You had your first surgery when you were just 5 months old.

6. You have been put under Anesthesia 9 times and it doesn't even seem to phase you one bit...

7. You have already completed 2 out of 4 Laser treatments on your face with another fast approaching.

8. You know how to roll from your back to your tummy and have even rolled continuously a few times.

9. You laugh quite often and you absolutely love your big brother!

10. You have become stronger and stronger with each day that passes.

11. You are now considered a "supported sitter"

12. You are finally starting to put a little bit of weight on those teeny tiny legs.

13. You seem to have found your hands recently and are using them more.

14. You show great excitement over specific toys.

15. You track objects and people very well .

16. You can sit in your Bumbo seat without blankets around you for quite a while without falling over.

17. You just started to touch your bottle while being fed (not holding it yet but will touch with one hand for a few seconds)

18. Your head control has gone from super poor to super AWESOME!!!

19. You have learned to adapt to large crowds without getting totally upset.

20. You are now able to find whoever is talking to you and you react to what they are saying.

These are just a few things that I could think of that Addisyn has either gone through or achieved.


Mommy and Daddy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Brysen being shy! I tried several times to rotate this pic and it wouldnt work
This one wouldn't rotate either..sorry!

Daddy and Brysen blowing out the candles on Daddy's cake

So Cute!

So Alert!

Daddy and Addisyn

Maykel and Cathy

Daniel and Gram

I Only have a few moments to send a quick update!
Brysen and Addisyn are both doing great! They are both growing like crazy and we are having so much fun with both of them. Addisyn's face is all cleared up again from the laser and she looks awesome! We can't wait for the next treatment in November.
Addisyn is getting so much stronger and her teacher Jayne told me this week that she is totally ready for more supported sitting such as in her bumbo seat or the jumperoo or even just us holding onto her a little for extra support. She said that her back muscles are definetly getting stronger as well as her stomach muscles and when she is working you can tell she is using those muscles! She is getting so big! She is going to be a year old in 11 days! I can hardly believe it...
Last night we celebrated John's 30th Birthday by going out to dinner with Maykel, Cathy, Daniel and Mary! Afterwards we went back to their house for some cake. Brysen and I made the cake and it turned out really good. It was a very nice night!
I have been super busy with tutus and bows and have now added pillowcase dresses! I usually have 4-5 orders per week but for now it is enough for
Well I gotta run..Have to go get fitted for my crown at the Dentist and I still need to get ready! Enjoy the pics!(they are not in order)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


12 days post op...(see her teeth???) 13 days post op
14 days post op...Look how big she is!!!

Hey Everyone! A lot of you have been asking about updated pictures of Addisyn since her laser therapy! I am sorry that I have been so slow with this but we have been super busy and/or sick or teething so I hope you all understand!
Everyone is doing ok here! Addisyn has been teething really bad since last Thursday and once again is vomitting and super cranky! This seems to be the trend with her when she is getting teeth on the top. Last week she cut a tooth on the bottom and we didn't even know it but it is totally obvious when it is her top teeth! She is trying to get 2 more...I really wish she would just get one at a time...LOL.. She now has 4 teeth that are completely out!
Due to everything going on, I have only 3 new pics to share with you! As soon as she starts feeling better I will be sure to get some more pics... Enjoy!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addisyn with her Dr. from the NICU!!!

We went to Addisyn's Preemie Party today and it was so much fun! I just thought I would show you guy's the 3 pics I have of Addisyn with Dr. Lindenberg...The first pic is the day we brought her home...She was 11 days old. The second picture is of her when she was 4 months old and then of course the last picture is of her today at 11 months old!!! She has grown so much!!! 4 months old
11 months old

More Pics!!!

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have not been so good this time at keeping up with the after pisc of Addisyn and her Laser...This time it is taking a lot longer to go away and we are just now starting to see a difference everyday! It is taking longer this time because the Dr. turned up the energy on the Laser Machine so it went a little deeper...She looks great and is doing awesome! She has been off of the Phenobarbital for 6 days now and is really starting to hold herself up a lot better and for a much longer period of time! We are hoping that she is able to sit on her own by her Birthday! Can you guy's believe she is already going to be 1 next month! This past year has gone by so fast that I feel like I haven't really been able to enjoy every moment to the fullest! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics! We went to the Preemie Party at the NICU Addisyn was in and got to visit with her Neonatologist, play games and eat some good food!
7 days Post Op8 days Post Op...Brysen and Addisyn! So Cute!
Close up of Addisyn- 8 Days Post Op
John and Brysen on the train at the Preemie Party
Addisyn with Dr. Lindenberg(Neonatologist she had in the NICU)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Addisyn's 2nd Laser Therapy!!!

Addisyn the night before her laser therapy...See her two teeth sticking out! Addisyn in recovery!
Addisyn the day we got home...
1 day post op
2 days post op!!!

Well...Addisyn had her 2nd of 4 Laser Treatments on Friday in San Francisco! She did really well once again...

John, Addisyn and I went to San Francisco the day before the surgery and stayed in the Ronald McDonald House while Brysen stayed with Dan Amma! Thursday was our 4 year Anniversary so since we weren't able to go out to dinner or anything we just walked around San Francisco and relaxed!

We arrived at UCSF at 6:30 am on Friday morning and were very excited to have this treatment done once again! Addisyn has an amazing doctor and we just love her! Her name is Dr. Frieden and we highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Once we arrived, we had to do all of the regular paperwork and do the Pre-Op Stuff...Dr. Frieden met us in the Pre-Op room and took a bunch of pictures of Addisyn's face and Scalp to keep track of her progress! Dr. Frieden agreed with me that it was a good thing she did not laser the top of her head so we could compare the lightening on her face to the top of her head! I think we all agree that the results were truly amazing after only 1 treatment.
Last time Dr. Frieden chose not to laser Addisyn's eyelids since it was her first time however this time she did both eyelids and a few spots in her left ear along with her whole face!
When we saw Addisyn, we were surprised that it didn't look as bad as last time although it is still pretty dramatic! Dr. Frieden explained to us that it was because it was a smaller target area this time since so much has already lightened. She also told us that she turned up the energy on the Laser Machine to get the best results!
Addisyn took almost an hour to wake up this time but it looked like all the other kid's were taking a lot longer than last time as well...Although I hate that we have to go through this, I am greatful that we are not the only one's! We saw and talked to a few other families that were there last time as well so that was comforting!
I will be taking pictures daily once again to show the progress of Addisyn's laser treatment!
Not to change the subject but tonight is the last time Addisyn will be taking Phenobarbital! We are super excited yet super scared at the same time! Please keep praying that she stays seizure free and doesn't have to be put back on that Yucky medicine! She is doing awesome and is showing signs of improvement in different area's each and every day!

Just a few cute pics of the kiddo's

Here are a few new pics of the kids! Enjoy!!!
Brysen deep in thought... Addisyn working very hard with Jayne!

Brysen and Addisyn with Jenelle (Addisyn's Physical Therapist) Addisyn in her new bow that I made her!
My Little Fishy!!!
Addisyn in pigtails for the first time! So Adorable!!!