Tuesday, October 7, 2008


12 days post op...(see her teeth???) 13 days post op
14 days post op...Look how big she is!!!

Hey Everyone! A lot of you have been asking about updated pictures of Addisyn since her laser therapy! I am sorry that I have been so slow with this but we have been super busy and/or sick or teething so I hope you all understand!
Everyone is doing ok here! Addisyn has been teething really bad since last Thursday and once again is vomitting and super cranky! This seems to be the trend with her when she is getting teeth on the top. Last week she cut a tooth on the bottom and we didn't even know it but it is totally obvious when it is her top teeth! She is trying to get 2 more...I really wish she would just get one at a time...LOL.. She now has 4 teeth that are completely out!
Due to everything going on, I have only 3 new pics to share with you! As soon as she starts feeling better I will be sure to get some more pics... Enjoy!


garleit said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us. My name is Edgar, Victor's "Papa" (biological uncle and legal guardian.) Victor has bi lateral PWS and posibbly glacoma in his right eye. We also see Dr. Frieden at UCSF once a year as we live in Santa Barbara, she is a wonderful doctor. Victor has been advised against laser treatment as he is 3/4 African American. He turned 5 last Sunday and is a blessing to us, we are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is on the cover of the Dec. 08 issue of "Branching Out" the one holding the jack-o-lantern. My Mom lives is S.F. so we have a place to stay when we go up there. How old is Brysen, perhaps we can get together sometime when we are up in the area.
God bless Addisyn and the rest of your Family and once agian thanks for sharing. If you wanted to e-mail me my address is ""