Thursday, October 16, 2008


Brysen being shy! I tried several times to rotate this pic and it wouldnt work
This one wouldn't rotate either..sorry!

Daddy and Brysen blowing out the candles on Daddy's cake

So Cute!

So Alert!

Daddy and Addisyn

Maykel and Cathy

Daniel and Gram

I Only have a few moments to send a quick update!
Brysen and Addisyn are both doing great! They are both growing like crazy and we are having so much fun with both of them. Addisyn's face is all cleared up again from the laser and she looks awesome! We can't wait for the next treatment in November.
Addisyn is getting so much stronger and her teacher Jayne told me this week that she is totally ready for more supported sitting such as in her bumbo seat or the jumperoo or even just us holding onto her a little for extra support. She said that her back muscles are definetly getting stronger as well as her stomach muscles and when she is working you can tell she is using those muscles! She is getting so big! She is going to be a year old in 11 days! I can hardly believe it...
Last night we celebrated John's 30th Birthday by going out to dinner with Maykel, Cathy, Daniel and Mary! Afterwards we went back to their house for some cake. Brysen and I made the cake and it turned out really good. It was a very nice night!
I have been super busy with tutus and bows and have now added pillowcase dresses! I usually have 4-5 orders per week but for now it is enough for
Well I gotta run..Have to go get fitted for my crown at the Dentist and I still need to get ready! Enjoy the pics!(they are not in order)


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Khourt said...

Cute pics!!! And that is one cute bow. Are you making bows now?

And.. Wow... What rude comments!!!! Its sad that people have to take time out of their days to come and complain!!!

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