Saturday, November 1, 2008


The Birthday Girl Brysen eating Frosting...

I Just love this Picture...

She actually dug into her cake! This was a very special moment...

Bright Eyed Baby Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Addisyn!!! It is hard to believe that you are already a year old! Where has the time gone? You have come a long way from where you first started and although you still have a very long way to go we are all so proud of where you are today! In your first year of life you have taught your family so many things! Here is just a small list of things Addisyn has accomplished or gone through in her first year of life....

1. Born 7 weeks early at 4 pounds 2 oz....Now 16 pounds 2 oz

2. Started having seizures and landed in the hospital a few times

3. Diagnosed with Sturge Weber Syndrome, Seizure disorder, Glaucoma and Developmental delays

4. You started Physical therapy plus you have a teacher that comes to play with you once a week.

5. You had your first surgery when you were just 5 months old.

6. You have been put under Anesthesia 9 times and it doesn't even seem to phase you one bit...

7. You have already completed 2 out of 4 Laser treatments on your face with another fast approaching.

8. You know how to roll from your back to your tummy and have even rolled continuously a few times.

9. You laugh quite often and you absolutely love your big brother!

10. You have become stronger and stronger with each day that passes.

11. You are now considered a "supported sitter"

12. You are finally starting to put a little bit of weight on those teeny tiny legs.

13. You seem to have found your hands recently and are using them more.

14. You show great excitement over specific toys.

15. You track objects and people very well .

16. You can sit in your Bumbo seat without blankets around you for quite a while without falling over.

17. You just started to touch your bottle while being fed (not holding it yet but will touch with one hand for a few seconds)

18. Your head control has gone from super poor to super AWESOME!!!

19. You have learned to adapt to large crowds without getting totally upset.

20. You are now able to find whoever is talking to you and you react to what they are saying.

These are just a few things that I could think of that Addisyn has either gone through or achieved.


Mommy and Daddy!