Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Addisyn's 3rd Laser Treatment

Addisyn the night before her 3rd laser treatment Addisyn right after...

Addisyn with her big brother on day 2(sorry I couldnt get it to rotate)

Addisyn day 3

Addisyn day 4

Addisyn had her 3rd laser treatment this past Friday! She is doing awesome...I think that her next treatment is going to be the last one for quite a while. Her Doctor as well as John and I thing that the results have been amazing and that we don't want to push it to much!
Like I usually do...I will be taking pics of Addisyn each day to show the progress of the fading...

Over the weekend Addisyn and I were out doing some Christmas shopping and a Man and his son came up to me asking me if Addisyn had a Port Wine Stain. Well first of all, I was totally shocked that he even knew what it was called...He went on to tell me the story about his daughter. She also has a Port Wine Stain. She is now in 1st grade and you can't even tell that she has the Port Wine Stain. I asked him if they did the laser treatment and he said yes....I told him that this was Addisyn's 3rd treatment and that we take her to UCSF...His eyes lit up as he told me that they took their daughter to UCSF as well and that his daughter had her treatment done by Dr. Frieden as well...Such a small world...He is the 3rd person to tell me that his child sees the same AMAZING doctor that we are so very fortunate to see...He went on to tell me that the laser doesnt really look that bad for that long...I think he thought with Addisyn's size that this may have been her first treatment but I explained that it was indeed her 3rd and that it is amazing how fast it goes away and the results are always awesome!
Well...The next treatment is scheduled for January..... We can't wait to see the results from this last session...