Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Small Update...I could not get most of the pics to rotate so I will do it later...

It has been a few weeks since I have posted any new pics of the kids....We have been super busy with many different things these last few weeks so I just haven't had the extra time to put into my blog!

Everyone is doing awesome! We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and are almost completely ready for Christmas....John and I spent this past weekend getting our home decorated for Christmas....John spent the weekend putting up the lights outside while I decorated on the inside and wrapped the presents...

Brysen and Addisyn are doing awesome as well...Addisyn just completed her 3rd Laser treatment, has 7 teeth and is getting stronger everyday..John can even get her to stand for a few seconds at a time! Major accomplishment! Brysen is so much fun and amazes John and I with how smart he is...Sometimes to is so in love with Brysen...It melts my heart to see how excited she gets everytime she just sees him...I can't wait for the day that she is able to actually play with him..

Well I have been a busy bee sewing like crazy and it is now almost 2am...I really need to get to bed...Busy day ahead....Hope everyone enjoys the pictures... Have a very Happy Thanksgiving....